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What's behind left Arakan Rohingya?!
Thursday | 31/01/2013 - 10:34 AM
What's behind left Arakan Rohingya?!

Tuesday, 3/17/1434 - 29 January 2013:
(What's behind left Arakan Rohingya?!)


The number of refugees Rohingya who arrived in Thailand since the beginning of 2013 and until the end of the first month of it; approximately 2000 refugees, fled from the hell of Buddhists in Arakan through smuggling across the Bay of Bengal, where they signed in the hands of border guards Thai, who held them in centers for the condition there.
This escape .. What causes? And its implications? And its impact on issue Alrōhngeh?

We all know that people are living inside Arakan in intense distress, and in a difficult situation, no water healthy, not enough food, no cure, no houses harbored, and also find considerable inconveniences of Buddhists and the government, and subjected to looting, theft, murder and arrests, with forcing to change the ethnicity; therefore did not find it seemed to escape their religion and themselves and their honor ..

But .. Is this the solution? Is not that incredible what the Buddhists and the government that they are not from this country? And they have no affiliation to Burma? And that we outsiders?

Once any attack or escape of tens of thousands attack; if how many months or years you need to release of Arakan Muslims?

Give you one example .. Zionists in Palestine exercising the same racist practices against the Palestinians, but they are committed to their country, and are sticking to their land and their farms and homes, so that the Palestinians who settled countries in the world and acquired nationality and lived there Snina Dhora adhere to the right of return ..
Why we want the release of the country to the enemy, and had access to any country that does not want to return to his homeland and its origin?! But does not carry any longing in his heart, love or affiliation to his homeland mother?!

Perhaps this is why the world is silent about the case, As long as the people of the nation do not want and Isahdon therein; why tire states and sacrifice its relations with Myanmar?! It is also an argument in the hands of the government of Burma to the world; that if this home have not liked it to other alternative ..

If .. Must carry in our souls love for our country, and a genuine will to achieve our rights in it, and pride to the world a homeland of our fathers and grandfathers, and prove to the world, and teach our generations that we have a homeland as belonging to the American, Australian and Egyptian and Bengali and Iraqi, and we want our rights in our country as any man living in his homeland, It is not my best not to live by Akram rights in his homeland dignity and honor ..

Sincerely wishes ..

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