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Exposed the plot
Monday | 10/12/2012 - 11:34 AM
Exposed the plot

Monday, 26/01/1434 - Dec 10, 2012:
Exposed the plot
Al-Jazeera aired late first Saturday when a documentary about the genocide in Arakan in Myanmar, where cited the film several eyewitnesses to prove the occurrence of genocide planned against Rohingyas in the past few months, also cited several statements to the parties to the conflict in the region (Alrakhin and Rohingya); where each party tried to prove to be the oldest in the region, and other outsiders into the country.

In the beginning I have to admit that I - until this moment - I have not been able to watch the entire film, although I have seen most of it in two different times, but from the outset it became clear to me that the film bears many facts about the case that began months ago in Arakan.

Let us be fair in dealing with this important event in my view; where is historical precedent in Burma to publish channel foreign Facts about the practices of government secrecy, in the country who knew dictatorship and restricting media freedoms and the press, and impose tight control on the media, and the practice of covering up information on the area whole, are where the events and conflicts and the implementation of plans and strategies for more than seven decades.

This film break the media blackout exercised by the Government of Burma to Burma in general and Arakan, especially since more than 70 years, and has proved very clearly that the Burmese government was involved in the genocide Rohingyas, and plans systematic and its support for ethnic Alrakhin Buddhism become obvious to the world community, and highlighted the mouth Also the fact hidden from the public eye, so mad that the semi-democratic government, rushed to issue a statement condemning the right channel which aired the film, rather than recognize the painful reality in the territory.

This film showed aside from allegations ethnic Alrakhin they land owners real, and they deserving of housing and survival, and the others leave, and also showed a neutral and fair views ethnic Rohingya, and the conspiracies being hatched against them in order to get them out of their land or exterminated on a reel of their father, as demonstrated also by the Hidden Truth about abusive practices, genocide and ethnic cleansing practiced by the Government of Burma via tools and machinery military and civilian, with denial of these facts, and its insistence on saying that there had been all those acts; Therefore we demand - if the government is sincere in its claims - that let the media neutral for the transfer of the truth Indeed, from the land of the event.

It should be noted that drew my attention to information cited by the film; claiming that Rohingyas entered Arakan during the British occupation of the area, and this distortion and change the truth; as the history and reality attest otherwise, Valrōhnjia are present in that land has since more than one thousand five hundred years, and particularly since the eighth century AD, as the film does not appear Islamic monuments scattered in the northern and central Arakan territories, nor the date of Rohingyas and culture; as these things are of great importance in proving eligibility Rohingyas to the land of their ancestors and their ancestors Muslims.

Sincerely wishes ..

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