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Kuala Perlis UPP detain 101 Myanmar illegal immigrants
Saturday | 10/05/2014 - 09:19 AM
Kuala Perlis UPP detain 101 Myanmar illegal immigrants

Rohingya News Agency‏ ‏‎–(Bernama):‎ One hundred and one illegal immigrants, who are believed to be Muslim Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, were detained by the Kuala Perlis Anti-Smuggling Unit (UPP) as they were landing at the Kurung Tengar beach in Kuala Perlis, near here early this morning.

UPP Perlis deputy commander (II), Rosli Issak said the 41 female and 60 male Rohingya refugees, were aged between one and 40 years old.

"They came in a boat and were in a weak condition due to cold and hunger and some of them were not wearing any clothes when they landed on the beach.

"We then provided them with clothing out of humanitarian consideration," he said at a media conference at his office in Kuala Perlis, today.

Rosli said the arrest was made following a tip-off from the public who saw a suspicious-looking boat approaching the beach at about 12.30am this morning.

Preliminary investigation revealed that all the illegal immigrants did not have valid documents to enter the country and they were believed to have come to look for protection and employment, he said.

He said the boat's skipper, however, managed to escape and an investigation was being carried out. Meanwhile, one of the illegal immigrants, Hobi Ahmad, 40, said they had come to Malaysia to look for protection and work as life was very hard in their country of origin.

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