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Any claimed by the Government of Myanmar democracy?!
Tuesday | 18/12/2012 - 09:14 AM
Any claimed by the Government of Myanmar democracy?!

Tuesday, 02/05/1434 - Dec 18, 2012:
Any claimed by the Government of Myanmar democracy?!

Apologized government of Burma for the second time of the monks and Buddhists who have been assaulted by the police during their protest on the open mine north of the country; where he went a government delegation headed by Minister of Presidential Office "Hala Tune" to a ceremony in "Mandalay", during which the distribution of drugs and money on Monks with a formal apology on behalf of the government.

Contradict the government of Burma itself again and again, it is the police's use of excessive force against protests monks and Buddhists, and the use of water cannons and tear gas, and beatings with an iron hand to disperse the demonstrators; to bending large requests for Buddhists who lived a number of demonstrations in order to bring about confusion and revolutions and tensions in the country; Vtnaazelt government for pride, and sent its minister to apologize called in politics "Palmean".

The government realized the Burmese dictatorship to anarchy if swept in the country, will not have no choice but to leave, so the rivals have "Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi" will dominates the political scene in the country, and become the leader above the leaders, and will accept all people, even those category religious which saw in Artmaúha in the arms of the West is unpleasant or rude; so quick to extinguish the flame of the revolution monastic, and you want to appear in front of the world are esteemed for human rights and democratic principles.

In scene contrast, we see and hear and read what is happening to Muslims Rohingyas in Arakan; where they are killing and يبادون on a reel of their father seven months ago and more, not correspond to the government these massacres, events and persecutions without imposing further abusive practices, in order to erase this minority of existence, as well as taking security measures to protect them from genocide or ethnic cleansing!

What is democracy by Tzaahma Government "Thein Sein"?! Indeed, the concept of democracy as the junta in the country?!
Is democracy in the concept is the closure of mosques and Islamic schools for more than seven months?!
Is democracy in consideration are arbitrarily arresting people and placed in prison without conducting an investigation or trial?!
Is democracy in her mind is taxing and extort money and loot property?!
Is democracy in recognizing unleash the Rakhine extremists looted, torture and persecution?!

Inquires are confusing to employers politics and democracy, creators and applicants in the world!

Sincerely wishes ..

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