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RNA signed a partnership agreement with the ERC
Friday | 12/04/2013 - 10:43 AM

Rohingya News Agency: Signed Rohingya news agency (RNA) European Rohingya Council (ERC) memorandum ‎of understanding between the two sides for a lasting partnership and joint cooperation in serve The Rohingya ‎issue in the world, and on Thursday evening branch office of the European Rohingya Council Jeddah.‎

The Convention stipulates that the areas of cooperation in the service of the case The Rohingya and ‎dissemination issue at the global level, and work to educate people The Rohingya their cause, and work ‎according to the visions and ideas common to achieve security and stability for the people The Rohingya in the ‎world according to the laws and regulations and by peaceful means.‎
It also provides the partnership that holds the agency (RNA) disseminating news exclusive of the Council The ‎Rohingya European all available languages in the agency, and cover events in Saudi Arabia, and dialogues to ‎explain the idea and objectives of ERC, and provide (ERC) materials archival service issue globally, and defend ‎rights The Rohingya people in the courts, councils and Global Unions.‎

The agreement was signed by the Council The Rohingya European (ERC) Muhammad Arif Branch Manager ‎Council, Saudi Arabia, and Mr. Ata Allah Noor, head of Rohingya News Agency (RNA) by the Agency, with the ‎participation of Professor Mohammad Rauf senior Secretary-General of the branch of the Council, Saudi Arabia, ‎and Mr. Khalid Mohammed Hussein al-Najjar, Vice President Rohingya news agency, and the presence of a ‎number of board members in both parties.‎

According to Mohammed Arif Branch Manager Council (ERC) Saudi Arabia that the Council is a registered ‎organizations in the European Union to record profit organizations, and the Netherlands-based, with branches of ‎the Council in both Norway and Denmark, Germany, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Pakistan as well as Saudi ‎Arabia, stressing that Council acts in accordance with the laws and regulations in the countries which have ‎branches in, nor never allow one of its members violating those laws and regulations, noting that the council ‎has good communication with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation OIC and many international ‎organizations, governments and states that sponsor issue The Rohingya in the world.‎

Mr. Mohammad Rauf senior Secretary-General of the branch of the Council in Saudi Arabia said that the Council ‎‎- although old short - achieved a number of accomplishments, and which was to do some relief efforts in ‎refugee camps in Bangladesh, and a statement from the Government of Bangladesh, and the delivery of aid to ‎affected people in Arakan in December the past, has also issued a number of paper and electronic newspapers ‎in both Bangladesh and Europe.‎

Mr. Ata Allah Noor Chief of (RNA) thanks and appreciation to the (ERC) for its initiative to invite the to hold a ‎partnership to serve the cause The Rohingya in the world, noting that the news agency Rohingya aimed at ‎partnerships alliance with all sites electronic, organizations and associations The Rohingya service issue The ‎Rohingya media, and exchange agency services with the local media and international, through agreements ‎exchanges and participation, transportation and marketing, and the definition of people The Rohingya in the ‎world to efforts of various workers Rohingya in the Diaspora, stressing that the number of companies alliance ‎between the Agency and a number of agencies and organizations working in defense of our just cause.‎

Mr. Khalid Mohammed Hussein al-Najjar, Chief Deputy of The (RNA) said is to achieve leadership Media News ‎issue The Rohingya, and published her case in the world professionally and professional media, stressing that ‎we believe pluralism work, and pluralistic tracks, and work according crucibles joint, to achieve specific goals ‎and information for our people, and this can only be achieved contract partnerships and alliances with all The ‎Rohingya organizations in the world, and the international media to serve The Rohingya issue.‎

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