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Bangladesh releases French activist helping Rohingyas
Wednesday | 02/03/2016 - 08:52 AM
Bangladesh releases French activist helping Rohingyas

Rohingya News Agency - aljazeera

Bangladesh has released a French aid worker months after he was arrested for allegedly helping Myanmar's Rohingya refugees.

Moussa Tchantchuing, also known as Moussa Ibn Yacoub, was released on Tuesday after being granted bail by the high court, the AFP news agency reported.

French embassy press attache Shakhawat Hossain said that he was freed "after 70 days in jail on condition that he cannot leave Bangladesh territory without the prior permission of the judge".

On December 19 last year, Tchantchuing was arrested on charges of "suspicious activities". He was later also accused of a "criminal breach of trust, cheating by personation and abetment".

Tchantchuing came to Bangladesh and neighbouring Myanmar to help the Rohingyas, according to the non-governmental organsiation he worked for, BarakaCity.

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