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Mumbai inspector assaults two Muslim youths, probe ordered
Tuesday | 20/10/2015 - 06:39 AM
Mumbai inspector assaults two Muslim youths, probe ordered

Rohingya News Agency - twocircles

In an unwarranted event, a city cop has landed himself in a controversy after threatening and beating two innocent college youths throughout the night at police station.

Kedar Pawar, Bandra police inspector, picked up Asif Shaikh (19) and Danish Shaikh (19), both students of Rizvi College, who were partying near Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s residence on Friday night at around 2 am and detained them at Bandra Police station till morning.

When the boys' parents rescued them in the morning, they found that both had brutally beaten up and had injury marks on their bodies. Both were rushed to Bhabha hospital, where they found out that Asif’s left hand had been fractured due to the assault by cops.

The families immediately approached senior police authority to take strict action against the erring cop, following which Deven Bharti, Joint Commissioner of Police, ordered an inquiry against police inspector Kedar Pawar.

“DCP Satyanarayan Choudhary has been asked to conduct the probe and submit his report. Action will be taken against the guilty,” Bharti said to Asian Age .

Advocate Rahul Dangle claimed that his clients were partying near Khan’s house late Friday night at around 2 am, when Pawar, who was in civilian clothes, picked up the boys.

“They were taken to the Bandra police station and kept till 6.30 am. Throughout the night, the boys were brutally beaten up by the policemen. No case was registered against them and the police also did not allow them to make phone calls. In the morning, when duties changed Danish got the opportunity to call his family members who subsequently got the boys out from the police station,” Dangle said.

Dangle also said that Asif had been preparing for a state-level body building competition to be held in December this year. He alleged that Pawar even asked the boys to go to Pakistan.

While speaking with a local Urdu daily, Abdul Munaf, uncle of Asif said, “There was no ground to detain both the boys. The inspector with his policemen first asked boys their names and then took them to police station where they were threaten of sending to Pakistan and were beaten up inhumanly without any fault of them. We have made complaint to commissioner and have demanded strict action against all those policemen who were involved in this unjustifiable incidence.”

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