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BGB Arrested 23 Moghs of two Gangs
Thursday | 27/03/2014 - 08:52 AM
BGB Arrested 23 Moghs of two Gangs

Rohingya News Agency‏ ‏‎–(Stateless):‎ Recently, 23 Bangladeshi Rakhine Moghs of Gundum, Ukhiya, Cox's Bazar were arrested by Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) on March 24th 2014 at 11:00pm while they were crossing the border of Bangladesh who were entering from Myanmar. BGB sadly said that 12 more Rakhine Moghs were ran away from their hands. When BGB asked them "which is your country". Rakhine Moghs said "we are Bangladeshi citizens and we are coming from Arakan Myanmar after we helped our Rakhine Moghs brothers."

BGB said that they are not only citizenships of both countries, but they are also trained by Myanmar military to attack minority. Even though Bangladeshi Minister of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs, Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing (MP, Awami League) ordered the cornel of BGB to release the arrestees, the cornel of BGB refused his decree. It is well known that higher authority of both countries are involved in the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya. It is also known that the cornel of BGB is warned by authority because he (BGB) denied to release the terrorists of both countries.

When BGB searched them, they got 17 cellphones, 25 SIM cards of different categories, 15 memory cards, charger light, 1 gold leaf, 1 mic battery, 1 foreign liquor bottles, 3 microphones recoveries from them, and BGB also got some kinds of food packets. BGB approximately guessed their goods cost will be seventy eight to 110 thousands of Bangladeshi Money. Besides, BGB found 5607 Bangladeshi takas (money) and 5000 thousands of Myanmar Kyats (money).

11 are identified from 23 detainees:
1) Maung Yayai son of Podi Aung (20),
2) Soi La Maung son of late Maung Soe Lar (50),
3) Maung Aye Sein Marma son of Tun Sein(17),
4) Kese Toi son of Maung Sein Marmar (20),
5) Akan Chi son of late Soe Aung Sakmar (22),
6) Se Toi son of  Kong Marma (20),
7) Aung Moyai son of late U Si Maung (30),
8) Nong Toi Sein son of Maung Sein (25),
9) Aung Mia Toi son of late Mai Oo (20), 10) Tui Lok Maung son of Sein Bok Marmar (17),
11) Maung Mya Noe son of late Aung Hla Aung Cakmar (20),

Being two countries's citizenships, they Moghs  are members of two parties: one Morong National Party of Bangladesh and another one is 969 Neo-Nazi gang of Myanmar as every rakhine Mogh has two mothers and two fathers. According to investigation, those Moghs have also the conduct numbers of Myanmar rakhine Moghs ministers. Every illegal activities in Arakan against Rohingya is carried out by higher authority of Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Most of the detainees were being interrogated through Naikonchori Tana polices by BGB. It is known arrestees are members of Morong National Party (MNP) and 969 gangs. The purpose of detainees are involved in Myanmar genocide where Rohingya have been daily killed and daily burnt.

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