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Some Rohingya Intellectuals held a Seminar to Approach Rohingya Unification
Sunday | 09/03/2014 - 07:05 AM
Some Rohingya Intellectuals held a Seminar to Approach Rohingya Unification

Rohingya News Agency‏ ‏‎–(Burma Times):‎ On Friday 7th March, the Rohingya seminar  to unify all Rohingya organizations and individuals is officially held by about 100 Rohingya intellectuals of different fields— senior religious scholars, doctors, engineers, senior leaders, activists, journalists and experts— at Kader hamlet, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

The prime intention to hold the conference is to establish a wide spectrum platform with diversity for understandings and to exchange different opinions and to find out solutions for misunderstandings.

According to the speeches delivered by different speakers and public discussions, it is evidently emerged that the solidarity is the most inevitable.  Almost all of the attendees sorrowfully expressed that Rohingya people inside and outside Burma continue long suffering and no aids from exiled Rohingya community was not reached to them since Rohingya lost solidarity.

Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim, secretariat of media and information of the European Rohingya Council, founder of Burma Times online media and one of founding members of Arakan Rohingya Union (2011), was invited as chief guest there as well. He stressed that it is impossible to restore the deprived rights of Rohingya without unification of Rohingya community. The unification is significantly important for distressed Rohingya as backbone of human beings.

Particularly, he intentionally came from Europe only to endorse for unification and to create a wide spectrum platform with diversity for unification of all Rohingya institutions.  He reiteratively stressed that they are agree to compromise for the sake of Rohingya community. All Rohingya organizations of ARU(2011) and non ARU(2011) are warmly  informed through this conference to swift approach into compromise for Rohingya unification to find a sustainable resolution for Rohingya long crisis.

Following the conference, a committee as a form of advisory board is formed to continually operate the compromise platform of Rohingya unification under general discussions and resolutions.

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