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ERC Appeals World Bodies to immediately demand Burmese Regime Accountability for 70 Rohingya Drowned in Sea
Saturday | 09/11/2013 - 08:20 AM
ERC Appeals World Bodies to immediately demand Burmese Regime Accountability for 70 Rohingya Drowned in Sea

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Genocidal Burmese authorities are are sending the Rohingya populous into uncertain destinations

The Rohingya ethnic minority of western Burma have been suffering long discrimination since 1978. The Burmese predominantly Buddhist genocidal rulers have been imposing double standard policies against the Rohingya to eradicate them from the soil of Arakan. Increasingly, Rohingya face atrocities amid the ongoing democratic transition led by President Thein Sein.

Concurrently, Rohingya are facing— discrimination, incrimination, arbitrarily arrest, gangbang, threats to flee giving up own homes,forced Bengalization, unexpected death by poisonous injection of Buddhist doctors in government hospitals, slaughter, confinement in squalid camps, marriage restriction, displacement,starvation due to confinement in movement and no permission to travel in work available areas, violence and so on.

Setting up border guard camps along the western coast heavily,the Burmese authorities confined the entire Rohingya in western Burma and banned return of exiled Rohingya who left the country to escape the deliberate attack of Buddhist extremist and the atrocities of Burmese genocidal rulers. How the Rohingya youth can travel by boat without the help of the Burmese authorities who are guarding the coast watchfully day and night is a question that should be raised by the World Bodies whenever they talk with Thein Sein’s regime.

To accomplish Genocidal policy of Burmese rulers—the authorities are making money and making empty the Rohingya populous area sending them into uncertain destinations.

We, the European Rohingya Council appeal to world bodies— UN, UNHCR, HRW, ASEAN, OIC, journalists and other institutions to immediately demand accountability for 70 Rohingya drowned in sea and to take necessary steps to save the remaining Rohingya lives inside Burma who are in dire situation.

On behalf of ERE
Mohamed Ibrahim
0049 17634161906

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