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Saudi Arabia mission offers aid to Rohingya
Friday | 26/07/2013 - 12:53 AM
Saudi Arabia mission offers aid to Rohingya

Rohingya News Agency-(The Nation):‎ ‎Representatives from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Thailand provided relief bags to 102 Rohingya children and women yesterday at Songkhla's Children and Family Home.

The representatives explained that they wanted to provide basic necessities to the refugees as they try to help look for a third country that would offer them refuge. They also thanked the government and officials at the shelter for taking care of them.

The embassy officials also visited other shelters such as the one at the Sadao border to hear the refugees' problems, particularly their plea for refuge in a third country and not to be sent back to Myanmar.

The Rohingya are in temporary detention after they fled Myanmar in search for a "better life" in Malaysia and Indonesia via Thailand.

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