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Police continue search for missing Rohingya children
Tuesday | 18/06/2013 - 11:43 AM
Police continue search for missing Rohingya children

Rohingya News Agency-(Phuket Gazette):‎ Police continue to search for the missing 22 Rohingya children who have run away from the ‎Phuket Shelter for Children and Families on Koh Sireh. The children have been missing since early ‎April, says Phuket City Police Chief Sermphan Sirikong.‎

‎“I have notified the investigation team, and from time to time we patrol Muslim areas to look for them ‎and ask villagers if they have seen any of them recently,” Col Sermphan said.‎

The director of the center, Jiranun Cheamcharoen, told the Phuket Gazette that she had notified the ‎Phuket Provincial Police, Phuket City Police and Phuket Immigration Police after the children, all ‎under 18, went missing. ‎

‎“We've also asked nearby residents, imams and members of the Phuket Muslim for Peace group to ‎let us know if they come across any of the children,” she said. ‎

‎“After work, our staff ride their bikes through nearby areas to look for them,” she added.‎

‎“We did our best for them,” Ms Jiranun said, “but I believe the children ran away because they did not ‎want to stay with us.”‎

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