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Officials urge talks with Myanmar, UN on Rohingya
Friday | 08/02/2013 - 09:48 AM
Officials urge talks with Myanmar, UN on Rohingya

Rohingya News Agency – (The Nation):  House Standing Committee on State Security ‎chairman Weng Tojirakan on Wednesday discussed the Rohingya migrant issue and ‎recommended talks with Myanmar to repatriate them or contact the United Nations to ‎find a third country to take them in‏.‏


National Human Rights Commission's head of violation inspection division, Kesarin ‎Tiangsakul, said it found many women and children among the Rohingya migrants who ‎aimed to work in Malaysia and Indonesia, using Thailand as a transit point‏. ‏

After they were arrested – and Thai law could detain them for six months – the ‎government had to find a solution to the problem because these people couldn't be ‎repatriated elsewhere. It also had to provide them with care on a humanitarian basis, ‎Kesarin said‏.‏


Songkhla's Immigration Police Bureau had a meal budget of only 45 baht per detainee ‎per day, or 15 baht per meal, and they had to depend on kind-hearted donors, he added‏.‏

Pol Lt Col Paisit Sangkhahapong, an expert at the Department of Special Investigation's ‎anti-human trafficking centre, said DSI investigation initially found most Rohingya ‎people were willing to migrate, while there were Thais and foreigners involved in ‎smuggling them into the Kingdom‏. ‏
These smugglers then applied deception, force and took advantage of the refugees‏. ‏


Paisit suggested that the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs should negotiate with ‎Myanmar to take these people back, or talk with the UN and UNHCR to send them ‎back to their origin or to a third country‏. ‏

In Narathiwat's Sungai Kolok district, the combined security force on Wednesday ‎raided six locations suspected of housing Rohingya migrants and arrested six suspects at ‎one location‏. ‏


They were a roti shop owner identified only as Nurusalam, 55, and five other Rohingya ‎and Myanmar people‏. ‏

The six locations were allegedly run by a Rohingya trade network led by Yusuf Ali who ‎reportedly bought the Rohingya from agencies in Ranong‏.‏

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