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Islamic group proposes shelter
Friday | 18/01/2013 - 08:52 AM
Islamic group proposes shelter

Rohingya News Agency - (Bangkok Post): More than 800 Rohingya migrants detained in Thailand should be given shelter and sent to a third ‎country rather than being returned to Myanmar, an Islamic group said yesterday.‎
The Central Islamic Council of Thailand said it would propose the central mosque of Songkhla ‎province be used as a main shelter for Muslim migrants who have not been charged with any criminal ‎offences.‎

Police detention centres have become overcrowded due to the large number of Rohingya migrants ‎being detained, the council said.‎

Several hundred Rohingya have been detained in Songkhla, Narathiwat, Trang, Pattani and ‎Phangnga during the past couple of weeks after they attempted to pass through Thailand into ‎Malaysia.‎

Fifty-two more were detained yesterday by marine police at a deserted house in Ban Tam Ma Lang ‎Nua village of Muang district in Satun, a province bordering Songkhla.‎

Two of the migrants detained were women and one was a child.‎

The latest detention brings the total number of Rohingya held to 949 as of yesterday.‎

Two Rohingya migrants were earlier found in the forest on the Songkhla and Satun border.‎

Local administration authorities, meanwhile, are searching for more migrants believed to have gone ‎into hiding after the previous crackdowns.‎

The Central Islamic Council also encouraged Muslim nations, international organisations and the ‎United Nations agencies on human rights to discuss with a third-party country the possibility of ‎granting asylum to the Rohingya migrants.‎

The council also called on these organisations to pressure the Myanmar government to recognise the ‎citizenship of other Rohingya people who remain in the country.‎

Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul said the ministry expected to come up with a conclusion ‎on the Rohingya migrant issue this week.‎

It would then discuss with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees the best course of ‎action.‎

He said the government would provide assistance to the migrants on a humanitarian basis and would ‎not extradite them until the process of verifying their nationality is completed.‎

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