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Honoring or recklessly Muslims?!
Wednesday | 02/01/2013 - 09:20 AM
Honoring or recklessly Muslims?!

Tuesday, 19.02.1434 - 1 January 2013:
Honoring or recklessly Muslims?!

Chose magazine "Foreign Policy" American President Burmese "Thein Sein" best president in 2012, ahead of the large number of heads of the world; where I looked at a number of reforms that the oldest them "Thein Sein after winning the elections in 2011, when it omitted practices against the Alrōhngeh Muslim minority in the country, and that led to a tragic situation in Arakan.

I looked American Journal of granting Avdalh absolute head Burmese to a number of reforms that the oldest in the country; where the magazine said that the president "O" is moving in the right direction for democracy, and that ended military rule, and released a large number of opponents, and lifting the ban on the media, especially sector of the press, and open to the Western world after the country was mired in the darkness of communist socialism (Rusinah).

But .. Are these reasons enough to give the President this great honorary medal?! Without regard to the granting of freedoms and rights stolen from a number of ethnic groups in the country, especially the ethnic Muslim Alrōhngeh?!
And where to go for this negative attitudes toward President bloody events that took place and take place in the territory of Arakan?! Where he did not do justice to the oppressed, not deter the unjust, but he was quite the opposite when the heart of all scales of truth and justice; threw thousands of Rohingyas in prisons and jails, and said insolently and naivety and foolishness: that Rohingyas are outsiders to the country, and must be accommodated in refugee camps, or get them out of the country to a third country!!

These statements - in my view - is that unleashed Walid terrorism Buddhist genocide Rohingya unarmed, one of the main reasons that led to the genocide and ethnic cleansing in the west of the country, which gave legitimacy to the Rakhine extremists harassed Muslims and dragged after the killing, burning villages and their homes, and the rape of their wives, and the killing of children and women without any fear of death Tnalhm, or stopped by force.

The the innocent beats in question myself:
- How chose American Journal President Burmese best; and there are tens of thousands of Rohingyas still detained in prisons?!
- How they so choose, and there are hundreds of mosques and schools are still closed?!
- How they so choose, and there are hundreds of thousands of Muslims are still homeless, no food or food?!
- How they so choose, and there are hundreds of murderers Buddhists Almag still at large to spread corruption in the land?!

Is this Medal awarded to the President, or recklessly Muslims and humanity at large? !

Sincerely wishes ..

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