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48-Rohingya pushed back to Burma
Saturday | 01/12/2012 - 07:57 AM
48-Rohingya pushed back to Burma

Teknaf, Bangladesh: 48-Rohingya including women, children and men were pushed back to Burma by BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) yesterday night, according to BGB official.

“They were arrested by BGB and Coast Guard of Bangladesh while entering to Bangladesh yesterday night with four small boats.”

Thirty three persons were arrested from Naitaung Para of Teknaf by the BGB patrol party from two boats, which were carrying timbers from Burma while another 15 Rohingyas were arrested by Coast Guard from Zalia Para of Shapuri Dip while entering Bangladesh by two small boats.

However, all the arrested Rohingyas were sent back to Burma from Naitaung Para and Shapuri Dip on that night after giving them some supporting, a BGB officer said.

A trader from Maungdaw south said, “We don’t know the fate of the people who are sent back to Burma.”

The BGB 42 Battalion Commander Lt Col Zahid Hassan confirmed the event.

Why the Rohingya people are fleeing from Arakan, Burma while the weather is coming cooler and cooler. Since June this year, they have been persecuted by the Burmese security forces along with Rakhine


extremists. They have no food, no jobs and even they are living like in a big cage as are not allowed to do anything for their livelihood. They are starving, so far.  There are no NGOs, and other supporting groups in Maungdaw and Rathedaung Townships, a local business man of Maungdaw Town said who denied to be named. An elder from Maungadw said, “We need blankets because of winter.”

Source KPN

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