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Holocaust "Moktala" and "Bago" - Burma - 2013
Saturday | 15/09/2012 - 12:00 AM

Holocaust "Mictala" and "Bago" that took place in March of 2013 against the Muslims of Burma inattentiveness Arab media and the West for its coverage except for some channels that offered reports shy, massacre ranked of the deadliest massacres bloody in a series of massacres carried out by gangs Buddhist Burmese against MuslimsBurma's Arakan and under the direct supervision of monks Alboz and coordination and cooperation of the military police.
Massacre claimed the lives of more than 350 Muslims and the destruction of more than 17 mosques in addition to the destruction of property and buildings for Muslims, and here are some of the harrowing images of the events that reveal further details:

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